The unwavering need to deliver the best services to all Satowallet users has prompted the Satowallet DEV Team to upgrade the wallet, therefore making trading your favorite cryptocurrency asset easy and convenient.
With Satowallet’s over 56 crypto assets currently trading and distributing airdrops to users weekly, Satowallet team cannot but think of better ways to bring the best blockchain and cryptocurrency services and experience to your door step.
The newly upgraded Satowallet multi-wallet and Exchange (LAUNCHING SOON) guarantees users the best services, second to none. The following however is a list of what to expect.


  1. New UI for easy access.
  2. Improved Speed
  3. Support for ICOs
  4. Google Authenticator Added
  5. You can now view your wallet total balance in USD
  6. PC wallet created.
  7. Portfolio tracker added: You can follow your favorite crypto assets on satowallet
  8. Live Price and price alert
  9. You can now select which fiat currency to show your coin value
  10. Support for more coins like Ripple.
  11. App introduction Added to take users on features tour.
  12. Full trading Added (BTC pair, Ether Pair and more).
  13. USD pair and bank deposit added.
  14. Pounds pair and bank deposit added.
  15. Naira pair and bank deposit added.

And More.
*Project leaders can apply to make their coin a base pair by contacting our listing team (listing@satowallet.com), and it will be added if approved.
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