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To all who have followed our development history, it can we seen that we are a very curious team that is constantly researching and developing to become a global robust platform(Satowallet). Our application trading engine can currently handle 1,000,000 orders per second without downtime.

We have evolved over years into a robust cryptocurrency application, wider team, and with great potential to become the cryptocurrency global platform of the future. We have long deliberated over a year on how to serve our users and partner better in a way that earns them profit and an excellent service.This has led to our decision to tokenize Satowallet platform and also release our SMS/ USSD platform that we have been developing and testing for a while.


Recently we celebrated 30,000 active users within a short while, and over $3M daily trade volume. We have structured for a higher growth and expansion and we have chosen to make it open for users and partners to benefit from our growth.
Satowallet Platform will be releasing its blockchain asset called SATOWALLET SHARES, and SATOS as ticker. A strict limit of 10,000,000 SATOS will be created
as shares units and never to be increased.


 The benefits of buying and holding SATOS will include:  

1. 40% profit sharing for share holders; Satowallet share holders will receive 40% of the Satowallet exchange profits.
2. Zero transaction fee and base market: SATOS will become a major base market on Satowallet exchange and holders will enjoy zero fee        transacting.
3. ICO funding: SATOS will be the major funding means for the Satowallet ICO platform to be released for new cryptocurrency projects          doing ICO through Satowallet.
4. Coin voting and listing: Coin listing on Satowallet will be by voting through SATOS.
5. Debit card fiat withdrawals( Sato Pay): We have been building our banking system called Sato Pay , that will issue a debit card for fiat b       withdrawals globally. Funds will be loaded through SATOS.
6. Many more to be released in our investment paper soon.
Words from our CEO
“I strongly believe that tokenizing Satowallet will lead to more liquidity, higher efficiency, market exposure, more investors and profit for users.”
We will release more update about Satowallet Shares soon.We would like to know what you think through our twitter page .
To become an angel investor, email us : investors@satowallet.com


Cryptocurrency transactions can now be carried out through text messages for any cryptocurrency listed on Satowallet through our new model that will be released.  Our team has long been researching and developing this transaction model that will aid cryptocurrency mass adoption.  Non- smart phones and even people in rural areas will be able to carry out cryptocurrency transaction including tradings.This is currently in testing mode.
We will release more updates about the SATOS asset and SMS transactions soon.
Thank You!
Satowallet Team