Satowallet Appoints New Chief Technical Officer

We are a leading cryptocurrency multi wallet and exchange, best known for our ever improving quality services. We came to the limelight when our wallet successfully supported over 50 cryptocurrencies in less than 2 years of existence and since then we never stopped improving our quality by providing POS coins staking ability, Auto coin swap, Live trade, Zero fee transactions, excellent User Inter-phase not to mention the terrific and ever applauded security of the wallet with 2FA available. With so much responsibility and a burning desire to always improve our services we have decided to appoint a new Chief Technical Officer, Please join us as we gladly welcome on board our newly appointed Chief Technical Officer, Johan Lenti.

Johan Lenti is a UK based Blockchain developer who has more than 4 years experience in Blockchain programming and development and has proved himself worthy overtime with experiences working with leading Blockchain projects, Johan has over time been credited for masterminding software products worldwide.