There are some things you need to understand before getting started with Cryptocurrencies. Coins transactions are irreversible. The coins you buy will be sent to your Satowallet wallet or to your own bitcoin address provided. If you lose or delete your own wallet address, you will lose your coins in it and we can’t help you to restore them. Remember to backup and secure your wallet. The Cryptocurrency market is very volatile and prone to bubbles and rapid price swings. Buying or Selling in these crypto currencies may be considered a high risk activity. Proper and sound judgment should be used in evaluating the risks associated with these activities. The market price changes over time so your Coins may be worth less in the future. In fact, they may even become completely worthless. Bitcoin and other coins is not backed by any entity. SATOWALLET does not solicit nor make any representation that Bitcoin and crypto currencies are an investment vehicle. Neither Satowallet nor anyone else has an obligation to buy back your Coins in the future. The decision to trade crypto currencies rests entirely on the users own independent judgment. Never spend more money on Coins than you can afford to lose.