Verified accounts

Once your account has been verified, you will be able to buy and sell bitcoin and other coins daily with no limits on sending and receiving  in your wallet. You can also add your bank account to withdraw bitcoin and other coins to your local bank account.


Once registration is complete, your account is in an ‘unverified’ status. To start the verification process once logged in, go your account tab and click ‘Account verification’ (menu on the left) and enter the requested details. Upload a scanned copy of your Government identity card and a valid address proof with a photograph( same details as entered during registration). Please note the scanned copies should be clear and legible. This will move your account status to ‘Verification Pending’. You will receive a verification call or sms from our verification department to complete the process.


On the home page, Click to “Register” and enter your details, then click to register. A validation email with a link will be sent to the email id entered, once clicked on the link to verify your email, you will be directed back to to continue with the registration process. You will also be required to verify your mobile number to use your account.



Once you are registered, you can ‘log in’ to your account and in your dashboard you will see your bitcoin and altcoins wallet address for your account. Your wallet address is unique to you for sending and receiving coins.

Deposit / Receive/Request coins in your Satowallet

You can start receiving bitcoin and Altcoins to your satowallet account (on the “Receive and Transfer Bitcoin” page).This process takes not more than a minute or two, with the rare exception of up to two hours. Please note the bitcoin and other coins can be sold or sent to another recipient only after the deposit has 3 confirmations which takes approximately half an hour or lesser.

Send bitcoin and Altcoins from your Satowallet

The bitcoin and Altcoins you may have stored in your Satowallet can be sent to yourself (another wallet address), or to a friend’s wallet address. You may also send coin as a gift to an email id of your loved ones who may not have a satowallet (this email would also include an introduction to the coin and the process to claim the coins sent to them). When sending coins from “Transfer coin” webpage, you will notice there is an option to select the coin you wish to send and the receiver address. Next, enter the Coin amount you wish to send and hit the ‘Send’ button.


Buying Bitcoin & Other Coins

Once you are a verified user, you will be able to buy bitcoin and other coins on Satowallet. Click on ‘Buy/sell’ Button’ link,and select the payment means you want to use and the coin you want to trade. For bank payment You will be required to deposit directly or transfer into our bank account,and also withdraw to account with thesame name used to open your Satowallet account.

Selling Bitcoin & Altcoins

You can only sell coins stored in your Satowallet. If your wallet has insufficient Coins to be sold, please make sure it is replenished before you put out a sell order. You will need to add your bank details before you proceed to ‘Sell bitcoin’. This will be the bank account where you will receive your funds after the successful sale. The name on the bank account should be the same as your name in your Satowallet profile (initials,expansion or abbreviations are acceptable). Sell orders are processed almost instantly, and funds are transfered to your local bank account. Due to bank process it might take up to 24 hour, and maximum of 48 hours to reflect in your account.

Depositing and withdrawing Local currency

Deposit of local currency to buy bitcoin and other coins and withdrawal to bank account for ‘Sell’ order, are only permitted for users in Nigeria, United Kingdom, and Indonesia for now. Other countries can withdraw to paypal,payoneer,skrill and many other withdrawal means , or exchange to other Altcoins. Deposit and withdrawal are required to be made through an account name that is same as users Satowallet profile.


Coin Tradings

Satowallet allows member to store,use and trade bitcoins and altcoins. Accepted coins include Bitcoin,Litecoin,Ripple,Dashcoin,Dogecoin,Etherum,Monero,Zcash and many more.