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Enjoy flexible trading, investing, staking, storing and securing of all blockchain assets. SatoWallet Exchange also offers 40% dividend share from trading fees to holders of SatoWallet Shares (SATOS)!

What is SatoWallet Shares?

SatoWallet Shares (SATOS) is the token of the SatoWallet platform that represent the tokenized shares of SatoWallet. SATOS has a strict limit of 10,000,000 Shares, with 500,000 SATOS only vested on the SatoWallet team.

Investors and traders of SATOS enjoys several benefits which includes 40% profit sharing in Bitcoin daily, zero transaction fees, coin voting and listing rights, debit card fiat deposits and withdrawals and much more!.


Our Coin Voting Feature

SatoWalletEx gives room for every of its community members to engage in the process of coin listing by voting in their favorite coin projects. Coin Voting allows users to vote either for or against any coin they would like to see listed or not listed on SatoWallet respectively. Every user would be able to see the total number of votes each coin has and which coin stands the chance of being listed as well as which will not be listed.

SatoWalletEx is all about making the crypto experience an exciting journey for every users.

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IEO LaunchPad

SatoWallet believes in growth, therefore the SatoWalletEx gives a fertile ground for projects to grow with the introduction of the IEO LaunchPad. Innovative and interest-driven token and coin projects will receive support on fundraising and projects kick-off from SatoWallet. The Satowallet IEO will provide project support as its services will ensure both users and investors have great visuals of daily market capitalization to monitor their investments and thus reduce the burden of wondering what next after funds have been raised, and where investments have been made.

IEO LaunchPad feature shows all the running, upcoming as well as ended launches. This feature also shows the price of each coin project running on the LaunchPad for interested buyers, the time the coin is set to launch as well as the time it is expected to end. It also carries a short bio about each coin project on the LaunchPad. Build and grow using SatoWalletEx…

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Shop With Crypto!

SatoWalletEx is definitely more than a Web Exchange with its online store that allows users to purchase cryptocurrency collectibles and items of any kind. With this feature, users can select items of their choice and pay using cryptocurrency. For an easy shopping experience, users can go through the categories to see the items that are available. Once the selection has been made users can now insert their shipping address to get the items. All items can be paid for using cryptocurrency. With the SatoWalletEx, you can do more than just trading with your digital assets…

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SatoWallet celebrates every user by using its Faucet page as a way of giving back to users for being a part of the Exchange. The Faucet page allows users claim cryptocurrency prices in the most interesting and exciting ways.

On the SatoWalletEx Faucet page, everyone on the Exchange would be able to see coins that are running Faucet Giveaways. It shows users the name of coins on Faucet, coins that are to be distributed, the Payout Amount of each claim and the time in which a faucet is expected to last for. Users can also see the upcoming and ended faucets. Don’t miss out on any faucet… Make more funds using the SatoWallet Ex.

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SatoWalletEx provides users with the best trading activities completely free from hassle and challenges.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are available in Android and iOS devices respectively with a welcoming touch on UI/UX.

Safe & Secure

Security is our most important priority amongst others, using SatoWallet, your trading activities and storage are highly secured.


SatoWalletEx is more than just an exchange as you can also store your assets for safe keeping.

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Our highly trained customer support are there to all your activities easy and flexible everyday, all day.

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SatoWalletEx enables you to not only store your assets but to also trade your assets for many other available pairs.

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Get to buy all your crypto-related merchandise directly from SatoWalletEx using cryptocurrencies as your payment means.

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