Satowallet User Update

Satowallet is an international company that offers a global cryptocurrency platform that provides Bitcoin and Altcoin products and services including wallets and exchanges for customers and businesses.

As part of its commitment to making life easy for users to store, buy, earn and receive Bitcoin and Altcoin, Satowallet introduced a desktop and mobile App for android and iOS, as well as the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin and Altcoin from their local bank account.

Transactions on Satowallet are cheaper, faster and safer,because of an internal transfer system it has that allows users to send coins to friends and family without any charge.

In addition, Users can also; Send and receive Bitcoin and Altcoin through their wallet address, Exchange Bitcoin for Altcoin and vice versa, Buy and sell to their bank accounts , Paypal, Payoneer card,skrill and bank payment anywhere, anytime.

Satowallet offers its compliance to virtual currency regulations and security procedures against money laundering and fraud in the market.

We are confident that Nigeria would emerge as one of the top players in digital currency as a result of its enterprising capability, Which will in turn aid in boosting the country`s economy.

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