Nigeria launches its own Block chain Technology

Nigeria, one of the largest economies in sub-Saharan Africa has been on the global map as a crypto-compliant nation. The block chain technology has been said will do what the internet did to media and countries all around the world are embracing it.

The Abjcoin is the first Nigerian blockchain solution that was specifically made for global payments, transactions and financial services. Which when integrated has a potential to speed boat transactions and make service delivery more efficient and reduce the difficulty experienced when using fiat currency.

We believe that Abjcoin has the potential to become the biggest blockchain technology in Africa .Abjcoin will be used as a better alternative for rendering financial services such as buying and selling of goods and services. In addition, we also believe that Abjcoin can become a global currency for Nigerians that can be exchanged to other fiat currencies and altcoins.

We live in a period of rapid technological advancements that has shaped how businesses are done and what business means. The upcoming generation will need a fast and reliable means of transaction. They desire authenticity, security and a reliable means of buying and selling. This is the role Abjcoin has come to play in the Nigerian Economy.

We at Satowallet are glad about this development as it will further enhance the African market. Plans are on the way to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the Abjcoin team and Satowallet.

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