Activating and recovering Satowallet 2FA

Activating and recovering Satowallet 2FA

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to download an authentication application on your phone, we recommend Google Auth for our Android and IOS applications

Step 2:

Login to your Satowallet Account; ignore the box with “Google Authentication (If Enabled)”

Step 3:

Click on the Menu bar on the top left corner of the Application, then select “Google Auth”, copy the 16-digit code or scan the QR bar-code provided.

Step 4:

Open up your 2FA mobile app and scan the QR barcode or enter 16-digit code provided, then click “Save and Enable”. Subsequent times just open your 2FA app to copy 6-pin code generated and insert at the point of login.

We admonish users to back up recovery key (16 digit key/ bar-code) in case you lose wallet/ device.

Lost 2FA, what do I do?

If you have lost your 2FA code, please, send email to our Support Team; support@satowallet.com from your registered email on our Satowallet Exchange, provide us the following information:

  • Accurate wallet balance of at least 3 coins, approximate balance in your wallets
  • At least 5 Current and past orders.
  • A picture of you with your ID card. This is a required additional feature to protect your account.                              We ensure you that this information will be not disclosed to any third parties.