SatoWallet is a leading cryptocurrency company with a mission to bring bitcoin and other alternative coins to billions. SatoWallet aims at emerging as a top global player in its field and want to contribute immensely to the global economy.We are committed to continual improvement, hence providing our valued customers a safe platform to store, buy, sell, earn and receive bitcoin and Altcoin through SatoWallet.

We are a state of art digital currency company backed by great security features that keeps us at the top of the industry. Our Product is more than just wallet, as it gives  users the ability to use bitcoin and over 50 Altcoins easily at low cost and the ability to exchange to local currency. Today we are one of the world’s leading digital currency companies with a team of over 20 technology and finance experts, operating across several countries and continents. Our products and services make it safe and easy for people and businesses to store, buy, use and learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin.


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Your Online Hosted Bitcoin Wallet.

Our bank level security keeps all your transactions and personal information secure. No more thefts. We keep your Bitcoin and Altcoins safe and secure.

Two-factor Wallet Decrypt provides an extra level of security to you.

Only you have the access to your account, and this means that your money is always safe. Coin transfer also require email authorization to proceed,therefore your coins cannot be transfered without your consent.

Your Bitcoins are in safe hands.

We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage and other cloud wallets. Therefore your coins cannot just be stolen by Satowallet been hacked.

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