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2019-08-12 00:00:00
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2019-08-19 00:00:00
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Project Introduction

With the mission of promoting the decentralized development of the Internet, Lambda aims to build the storage infrastructure for the new generation of Internet value. Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely extended decentralized storage network, which realizes the decentralized storage of data, the integrity and security verification of data and the operation of market-oriented storage transactions on the Lambda Chain consensus network, and provides the infinitely extensible data storage capacity for the new generation of value Internet.


Xianyang He is a well-known Chinese basic software expert and member of the JVM Community. He has worked as a R&D engineer at BEA System and Oracle.

He founded OneAPM in 2008 and lunched the application performance management product based on SaaS model in 2014. IN the same year , OneAPM completed four rounds of financing from Matric Partner China, ChengWei Capital and Qiming Ventured Investment, with a total of 300 million RMB. OneAPM has been selected as a leader ITOM vendor in the Asia-Pacific region by forester and Gartner. OneAPM's Saas products serve hundreds og thousand of enterprises, and have estensive influence in the field of finance, telecommunication, government and large-scale internet. In 2016, the company was listed on NEEQ. He Xiaoyang was called "the first person in china"s APM industry".

Senny was the first in the world to achieve and publish poST. In Senny Chain to be launched, the groundbreaking consesus type VRF(variable refrigerant flowrate) + BFT consensus algorithm is introduced to ensure the operation efficiency and reliability, multiple cooperating chain data storage, data cross-chain pipe, and many other technological breakthroughs, supporting dynamic data access and data privacy protection.


*SNT for storage comsumption used by the user.
*SNT is used for user download resource consumption.
*The storage miner can get a SNT with the validator.
*To become a storage miner with a retrieval miner requires mortgaging the SNT.
*To become a validator you need to mortgage a SNT.


*Launchpad: No Lock-up
*Private Sales: No Lock-up
*Team: 36 months, monthly linear unlock.
*Foundation: 24 months, monthly linear unlock.

*Token Name: SennyToken
*Token Symbol: LAMB
*Token Type: ERC20
*Decimal Places: 8 Decimals
*Token Supply: 100 Million
*Initial Circ. Supply: 40Million
*Private Sale Amount: 10Million
*Private Sale price: 1 SNT=0.009 USD
*Launchpad Supply: 20Million
*Launchpad Soft-cap: 50,000 USD
*Launchpad Hard-cap: 250,000 USD


  1. The launchpad project is still in its initial stage, factors including the operation and underlying technology of the project, and other related regulatory activities might contribute significant risks.
  2. Advanced technical and financial knowledge is required to understand and evaluate the inherent risks of crypto-asset investment.
  3. The volatility of market is high, and the price of token might fluctuate drastically due to technical, regulatory and marketing factors etc.
  4. Users may not be able to withdraw all the purchased tokens due to technical issues of the project or Satowallet.com .