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Company Profile

Date:2017-03-22 11:24:48


SATOWALLET is a top exchanger providing financial and encrypted digital assets to users in over 140 countries of the world. It consists of a Multi-Asset Wallet, a Web Exchange, Launchpad, an Internship Program and Satorones.

Satowallet was established in 2017 and has experienced mega growth ranging from its partnership with over 150 top cryptocurrency firms.

Platform advantages:

1.     The best Blockchain Technology system for a complete transaction system and cryptocurrency trading platform, tampering free security features,

2.     Bitcoin and other Altcoin trading platform; we support, trade of Bitcoin and other Altcoin including ERC-20 Tokens with assured transparency in trades and transaction, safe, reliable, efficient service.

3.     Dividend/Airdrop/ Bounty/ Faucets: Earn more using SatoWallet exchange.

Company Strategy

·        Keeping up and implementing current industry standards into our existing system.

·        Creating and following crypto (Blockchain/Technology) trends.

·        Coming up with ways to incorporate user’s requests to our existing system.

·        Striving for the mass acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency in our everyday world.

·        As a company we believe in giving back to the community at every point in time so as to make our society a better pace.

Purpose: Striving for the mass acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency in our everyday world.

Vision: To make the cryptocurrency space less overwhelming to new users and more profitable for both new and expert users.

Mission statement: To bring pragmatic solutions to global problems using Blockchain Technology as a tool for faster and more secure transactions.

Core values

·        Community: One of the main values of Satowallet is to build and sustain a long-lasting relationship with its users.

·        Passion: Satowallet is committed to expansion and development.

·        Integrity: We strive to be real and honest when dealing with our user and partners in and out of the work environment.

·        Communication: We strive to keep a positive flow of communication between ourselves and our users.