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SatoWallet Reviews KYC Policy to Customers Withdrawing from 1BTC Above

Date:2019-07-01 13:38:54

SatoWallet is reviewing her policy on KYC effective immediately.

Today, Monday 1st July, 2019, SatoWallet Exchange Users will no longer be required to do a mandatory KYC for their transactions, especially with respects to withdrawal. On this note however, the condition given are these

1.  KYC will be compulsory for all User Withdrawal transaction above 1BTC at point of first initiation.

2. Standard practice still holds as the requirements for KYC still remains i.e. a Valid International Passport, Driver License or Government Issued ID, a Picture of the User holding his ID and a Picture with the User holding a written card bearing the current date of KYC verification.

3.   KYC will be verified speedily; where there are many influx, be assured it would not exceed 48 hours.

4.  Where an emergency is pre-empted, kindly opt to do your KYC ahead of time to avoid delay.