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SatoWalletEx Launches Unlimited Free ERC-20 Token Listing

Date:2019-06-10 16:51:36

With growing effort towards accommodating more Crypto project Communities, SatoWalletEx is giving an opportunity of unlimited FREE listing to ERC-20 Token projects to begin trading on its platform. For just Four (4) simple steps to take, get your projects and communities greater interaction and patronage.

To stand a chance of being listed free, get started with the following simple steps:

Step 1: 

Set up and upload a YouTube Video review about SatoWallet Exchange (SatoWalletEx).

Step 2: 

Write an Article review about SatoWalletEx, how it would benefit your Project, and post on any major crypto news channel.

Step 3: 

Make a Donation (amount is at the project’s discretion) to the SatoWalletEx Faucet.

Step 4: 

Fill out our ERC-20 Token Listing form for a chance to get a FREE listing slot.

Fill Form Here

Get started now!!!